Monday, 16 April 2012

Legal writing

I'd once flirted with legal writing, but now i'm writing about substantive law on a daily basis for the Mulberry Finch blog. Take a look - I'm writing mainly about immigration, employment, commercial and probate law.

Writing about the law is an excellent way to not only build on your knowledge about the legal world, but also to hone your skills in writing, in constructing an argument, and perhaps most importantly, in simplifying intricate and perplexing judgements, laws and regulations. I strongly reccommend starting a legal blog or finding legal writing work to anyone interested in law and/or studying for the LPC or BPTC, looking for a TC or pupillage or looking to get into legal journalism. 

For those looking to become practitioners, hands-on experience is priceless work (and penniless too looking at recent articles!). But there is a satisfaction in writing that is scarcely found elsewhere. Perhaps it's not for everyone. But even by attempting to produce written work you'll probably learn something; be it a new fact that you unearth through your research, or an idea or opinion that comes naturally from the process of putting pen to paper.